Early Childhood and Elementary School Teachers


Classrooms are busy places where children learn both academic and critical life skills.  Increasingly, teachers have the responsibility of teaching social, safety, and health skills as well as meeting literacy and academic standards.  Success Stories are teaching materials for prek-elementary school.  These printable books promote early reading through research based principles while addressing key skills in social and emotional development. 


All young children want to feel special and be accepted by peers.  Success Stories promote individual development through customization of the text to include child specific information and ideas.  For example, in School Rules, the child, teacher, city/state, specific classroom rules, and school rules are all personalized.  This personalization makes students feel special and clearly outlines classroom expectations and rules.  A collection of feelings books addresses  emotions and allows you to add information about what specifically makes a child angry, frustrated, or anxious as well as the strategy you would like them to use when coping with this emotion.


Additionally, the printable books are a perfect way to encourage reading at home.  The story subscription allows you to print the books as often as you like and add unlimited profiles throughout the year.  Print books and send them home with students.  This is a wonderful way to show parents how special their child is while providing them with books to encourage reading at home. 


Success Stories are age appropriate materials that can be used in a variety of ways to enrich the classroom environment. Individual story pages can be printed and hung in the classroom to demonstrate key concepts in social and emotional development such as sharing, coping with feelings, waiting, and greeting others.  Pages from health and safety books can be used in restrooms as reminders for children to wash their hands, flush the toilet, or close the stall door.  By changing the images to include different genders, races, and methods of communication, children see others with physical differences succeeding in skills, showing emotions, and treating each other with respect.




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