Group Pricing Examples


Per person refers to the account user (parent, teacher, therapist).  Each account user has their own account and can add unlimited profiles and print as often as they like.   Please see the examples below or contact us if you have any questions.


Example 1: You would like to buy books for your classroom.  (You are the only account user.)  You want two books (Feeling Angry and Making Friends).  You want to make a unique book for each of the 25 students in your classroom.  You pay $8.99 for each book (Feeling Angry and Making Friends) which is $17.98 total. You make 25 unique books.  You print more than one copy of each book.  You only had to pay $17.98.  You are not charged again no matter how many books you create or print for one year.


Example 2: You are a speech therapist in a district. There are nine other therapists who also want the same two books (Feeling Angry and Making Friends) you want.  (There are 10 account users total.)  You complete the group order form and select the two books.  You put ten email addresses on the form.  You multiply the two books x ten people x $7.99 (group rate for 5-24 people) for a total of $159.80.  You fax or mail the order form.  Each person on the list gets their own account with Feeling Angry and Making Friends in it.  Each person can create unlimited profiles and print as often as they like for one year and there are no additional charges. 


Please contact us at or call (800) 704-7815 ext. 4 to place small or large group orders.


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