Encouraging Reading

There are opportunities to encourage reading in any environment.  By introducing reading opportunities in a variety of settings children not only learn new words, but realize the importance of reading. 


1.  Have Kids Help – Children love to help.  Have kids read map directions, recipes, or grocery lists.  Help kids with unfamiliar or advance words, and encourage them to ask questions about new vocabulary.  Even young children can help with lists if you draw pictures of items beside the words.  Children feel especially important and valued when they see their reading helped the family arrive at the zoo or bake cookies.


Going to the Grocery Store


2. Write Notes – Notes are a fun way to let children know you are thinking of them and to encourage reading.  Put notes in their lunch box to remind them of activities, wish them luck on a test, or just say you are thinking of them.


3. Give Children Choices – Let children choose between items.  Have children point out the words on the video game box, juice container, or menu that describe the item.  When children choose items after considering their differences, they learn that reading is important for making good decisions.


4.  Use Signs - Whether a sign is for the restroom or a billboard, signs provide a variety of opportunities to read new vocabulary and review high frequency words.  While reading signs, children can help locate places in the car by looking for Main Street or Dr. Smith’s office.


5. Share Articles – The internet and newspaper have stories on every topic.  If your child likes animals, ships, or geography, make a habit of printing or cutting out articles about their favorite subjects.  Let children know reading is a way to learn more about things that inspire them.


    6. Make Story Time Part of a Routine – Having story time as part of a routine is a way to set aside quality time for you and your child.  Children look forward to having their caregiver’s undivided attention and reading a book is a fun way to demonstrate the importance of reading.  Have the child help by reading words, sentences, or repeating story phrases.

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