Rainy Day Activities


Rainy days can be some of the most fun and memorable days for kids.  Make the most of the time together by turning off the television and trying a few fun and creative activities.  Most of the ideas below are social activities that promote turn taking, language, and collaboration.  These skills are the foundation for building friendships and learning to work with peers and adults.  Children will be engaged in these play activities while learning critical skills.  What can be better than that on a rainy day?


1. Have a Treasure Hunt – Each person picks a figurine, toy, or memento to be their treasure keeping what their treasure is secret from the other players.  Each person hides their item and makes a treasure map leading the other players to their item.  The map can be a drawing or it can be a set of clues with hints like, “This is where Fluffy gets her treats.” Each clue leads to another clue, eventually ending at the treasure. 


2. Write a Story Together – Work as a group to write a book.  One person writes the first page, another person writes the second, etc.  Write a few lines then let the next person continue the story on another page.  Leave room for drawings to make a colorful story with ideas, characters, and artwork that is a team effort.


3. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course – Keep children moving with an exciting obstacle course.  Set up an indoor version of an obstacle course in a basement or garage.  Throw soft balls in wastebaskets, walk on a chalk or tape line, hop between paint cans, and jump over pillows or other items.  Not only can children stay active but they also can work on prepositions like over, between, on, and under.


4. Play the Scribble Art Game – Take turns scribbling on a piece of paper and having other people create drawings from the scribble.  The pictures can be used to make cards, hang on the refrigerator, or assemble as a book of creative drawings.

a. One person scribbles


b. The other person makes something from the scribble like a person sleeping, a lizard, or whatever they see in the scribble.




5. Finger Paint with Shaving Cream - Put shaving cream on a table or in the bathtub and draw in the shaving cream.  This erasable drawing board smells good and cleans markers, paint, and other stains from many surfaces.  Be sure to test the surface first to make sure the shaving cream will not damage it.

6. Play Board Games – Simple board games teach problem solving, waiting, turn taking, and simple directions.  Get creative by making your own games.  Use sheets of blank business cards to create cards for a game of memory or to develop your own card game or board game.


7. Make a Snack or Lunch Together – Have children help make the iced tea, put the cheese on the crackers, assemble the sandwiches, or scoop the seeds out of the cantaloupe.  Instead of eating at the table, have a picnic in the house.


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