Plum District Collection



Plum District Collection of Online Customizable & Printable Stories


This is a collection every child should have! The personalized text and illustrations are a fun way for children to read about a variety of topics. Customize the main character so it looks like the child the stories are for and customize the text to address specific skills.  Create stories for your children, their friends, and their classmates.  Create profiles and print as often as you like for the duration of your year-long subscription.


Plum District Collection




Listening and Following Directions discusses listening and following directions at home, school, and in the community.  Specific times and people to listen to at home and school are customizable to address each child’s needs.


My Hands discusses the many positive things hands can do as well as inappropriate hand usage such as hitting, pinching, and throwing things.   A page for child-specific hand behaviors and appropriate strategies is included.


Using Nice Words discusses using kind words towards others, talking positively about yourself, using appropriate words to get someone’s attention, swearing, and tone of voice.  Includes customization of troublesome words for the child and a customized alternative word or phrase.


Playing Together discusses taking turns, following the rules, respecting others, and showing good sportsmanship. Customization includes the child's name, hometown, favorite game, game rules, and specific play skills.


Making Good Choices discusses making choices and the consequences of the choices. The story includes personalization of the child's name, teacher, friends, and choices and consequences at school and home.


Waiting (free to all registrants) discusses times a child has to be patient such as when waiting in line, when a big event is coming up, when they have a question in class, and when adults are speaking. Customization includes the child’s name, school, teacher, hometown, a situation that is especially difficult for the child to wait, and strategies for how to make waiting easier.


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