Administrators provide valuable guidance to professionals in locating materials that are best practice for helping children develop academic, social, and life skills.  The current focus on assessment is leading many educators to wonder when they can address topics that help students develop appropriate social skills, learn to manage their behavior, and address health and safety concepts.  Success Stories are a fun and engaging way to teach these skills. 

As the cost of instructional materials rises, budgets become more difficult to manage. Success Stories are an economical way to create stories that promote early literacy through research based principles.  The books focus on critical school topics like School Rules, Bus Rules, and Listening and Following Directions.   The Success Stories subscription allows unlimited printing and profiles.  Print books to keep in the classroom as well as copies to send home with students to encourage parental involvement.  A skill sheet is included with each book for working on concepts and language skills.  The sheet promotes professional development through scripted questions encouraging language, academic, and life skills discussions.  The skill sheet can be sent home with the book to help guide parents in interacting and communicating with their child while reading the books at home.  The unlimited profiles allow teachers to print unique books for each child to make them feel special.  The books are easy to create and print so faculty members save time while creating books children will love to read. 



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