Behavior Therapists


Behavior therapists provide the support many children need to be successful in the classroom and community.  Children with behavioral needs often have specific goals and objectives that can be addressed by customizing the text of these stories.  Changing the text in Success Stories to include coping strategies for managing feelings, using appropriate language, treating others with kindness, and following school specific rules are examples of objectives that can be individually addressed in the story text.  Stories such as Feeling Angry include opportunities for incorporating information about what specifically angers the child and what strategies students should use to cope with their anger.  This customization is critical for meeting the needs of each student.  Because the system allows for unlimited profiles and printing, Success Stories are inexpensive therapy materials.


Sandbox Learning promotes positive behavior management through skill sheet ideas and the use of story pages for visual support.  The images clearly show appropriate behavior and can be placed throughout the classroom or school as reminders for waiting in line, sharing, taking turns, washing hands, and flushing the toilet.  Visual supports are often used as aids for students to learn new skills or transition from one activity to the next.  If a student has trouble transitioning from one activity to the next, a book like My Day at School or Going Places can serve as a model for sequencing activities and setting expectations. 


Increasing parental involvement is important in connecting learning concepts between school, the community, and the home.  Parental involvement is highlighted as a critical component in improving the lives of children with disabilities in Conference Report on H.R. 1350, IDEA 2004 Part D-National Activities to Improve the Lives of Children with Disabilities.1  Since Success Stories allow for unlimited printings, the books and skill sheets can be sent home without worrying about them being returned.   The skill sheets include ideas for how parents can work on the skills at home and in the community.






1Conference Report on H.R. 1350, "Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 Part D-National Activities to Improve the Lives of Children with Disabilities.  The Committee on Education and the Workforce, 108th Congress. Full document:



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