Mental Health Service Providers


Social workers, psychologists, and school counselors provide an invaluable service to children, families, and the community.  These professionals often are looked to when children are coping with difficult personal situations.  The Sandbox Learning Company realizes each situation is unique and each child needs a personalized way of understanding their situation.  Success Stories are printable books with personalized illustrations and text.  Make the featured child look like a student and change the text to focus on his or her individual needs.  For example, the story When Things Change can be used to address small and large changes.  The personalization can address a small change like getting up earlier for the new school year as well as a big change like divorce or a death in the family. 


Children often have a hard time recognizing and coping with strong feelings.  Books like Feeling Scared and Feeling Angry allow mental health professionals to address specific times in the day or situations that cause students to feel these emotions.  The pages include a place for professionals to include the specific coping strategy the student should use to manage their feelings.  The books’ text sets expectations and the pictures clearly show the featured child successfully interacting with peers, coping with feelings, and going through the school day.


These books are ideal for busy professionals who serve many students.  Each story subscription lasts for one year and allows for unlimited profiles and printing.  Create a unique book for each child to make them feel special and address their specific needs.  Print books for children to take home and to the classroom.  Since the printing is unlimited, the books and skill sheets can be printed and given to parents to promote parental involvement.


The system has two printing options: color and coloring book.  Print the story as a coloring book to use as an engaging activity that encourages discussion of the topic.  Use individual pages as reminders for making good choices in frustrating situations or interacting appropriately with peers.  Promote diversity and a supportive learning environment by displaying pictures of children with different physical characteristics succeeding in various activities.






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