Occupational Therapists


Finding occupational therapy materials that support fine motor skill development for diverse learners can be a daunting task.  The Sandbox Learning Company strives to make individualized materials that truly benefit each child.  One of the foundations of special education is the recognition that each child deserves an appropriate education that meets their individual needs.  A key feature of Success Stories is the ability to change the text and the images to do exactly that – meet a child’s individual needs. 


Teachers and parents look to occupational therapists for materials and  ideas that promote fine motor development and other critical skills such as safety skills and social skills.  These stories can be printed in line drawing format to create a fun fine motor activity while promoting early literacy skills and social skills through the text.


Success Stories can be used in a variety of ways to enrich learning and community environments. Individual story pages can be printed and used as visual supports for demonstrating sharing, coping with feelings, waiting, and greeting others.  Pages from health and safety books like Taking Care of Me can be used in the restrooms as reminders for children to wash their hands, flush the toilet, or close the stall door.  By changing the images to include different genders, races, and methods of communication, children see others with physical differences succeeding in skills, showing different emotions, and treating each other with respect.


The Success Stories subscription allows unlimited printing and profiles.  Print books for the classroom or the home and never worry about them being returned.  Use the skill sheet included with each book for working on story concepts.    The unlimited profiles allow occupational therapists to personalize stories for each child and make them feel special. 





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