Early reading experiences set the stage for a love of learning.  The Sandbox Learning Company’s Success Stories are fun and engaging educational materials for the home that teach children a variety of early education concepts.  Children become enthralled by seeing images of themselves, reading their names, and seeing the names of people and places in their community.  The printable books make children feel so special they will repeatedly ask you to read these stories with them.  Little will they know, they are learning important life lessons.  The books address critical early learning topics such as feelings, social skills, safety, health, daily routines and rules, and seasonal events.  Parents of all young children as well as parents of children with special needs can use Success Stories to engage children in a variety of fun and educational activities.   Register for a FREE story.



Research on Parent Involvement and Education


The role of families and the home environment in building a foundation for early language and future reading success is well documented.1, 2, 3 Shared reading is a way for parents to promote vocabulary 4 and improve oral language skills.5   Each Success Story includes a skill sheet with ideas for working on language and academic skills to help every child develop a foundation for literacy and a love of learning. The sheets provide ideas on promoting early literacy through shared reading as supported by scientifically based research principles. 




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