Speech and Language Therapists


The Sandbox Learning Company Success Stories are educational materials for speech therapists to use with children from pre-k through elementary school.  The printable stories can be used to work on language concepts such as wh- questions, prepositions, feelings, vocabulary, sequencing, and verbs.  Whether working with children individually or in small groups, the personalized stories are a fun way to promote language and address social skills, safety skills, and behavioral skills.  Topics such as Using Nice Words, Listening and Following Directions, and Feeling Frustrated are presented in a fun and engaging way that inspires young children to want to repeatedly discuss the topics. 


The ability to change the illustrations and text allows speech therapists to include child specific concepts and needs.  Children rarely see images of people using alternative methods of communication.  However, Success Stories can be customized to include the focus child’s method of communication.  Select picture exchange, communication device, signs, or words to make the featured child use the same form of communication as your client.   


Teachers and parents look to speech therapists for materials to promote communication and language development throughout the day.  The Success Stories subscription allows unlimited printing and profiles.  Print books to send to the classroom and home without worrying about materials being returned.  Use the skill sheet for working on concepts and language skills.  Accommodate large caseloads with unlimited profiles that allow professionals to individualize the books for each child’s specific needs. 



"I have used several of the success stories with many different students. The results have been overwhelmingly successful. The students love the personalization and graphics... I can add or change profiles and make numerous copies for students, teachers, and parents... I highly recommend their products."  

- Moira Hetlage, Speech Language Pathologist M. S.
Bellvue, WA





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