Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How does the subscription work?

Each story and the set of monitoring materials is sold separately.  When you purchase an item, you have access to that story or the monitoring materials for 365 days from when you purchase each item.  You can print as often as you like and create as many profiles as you wish during this time.  The subscription allows you to update profiles and reprint new materials if they are lost or damaged.  The subscription also is particularly helpful for parents or professionals who want to share materials between home and school.  You do not have to worry about the books or monitoring materials being left and lost.  You just print one copy for home and one for school.


2.  Are the Success Stories and Monitoring Materials sent through the mail?

No.  All of our books are online.  You can create multiple profiles, edit profiles, and repeatedly print stories in either color or line drawing all from your computer.  You instantly have the materials and can begin using them immediately.  


3.  When do I create the profile that appears in the story?

The profiles are created after you purchase the books.  You put items in your cart, purchase them using your credit card, and then return to your account to create the profiles and print the stories.


4.  How do I print?

First enter your account and create a profile.  After creating a profile and returning to your account�s Success Stories, the screen will look similar to this:


Success Story

Expires In

Getting Ready for School

227 Days

    Click HERE to view this story with your profile Michael.

Edit ProfileDelete ProfilePrint FormatSkill Sheet


           Click on the printer icon: Print Format

           You will have the option of printing in color or line drawing.



5.  Why am I unable to print or view my complete story?

There are four possible reasons for this:

  1. The window may be opening in another open window.  To avoid this, make sure you do not have any other web pages or windows open.  You will see the pages at the bottom of your screen.  When you open a page you will see a set of icons on the top right corner that look like this: .  Simply close all open screens (click  on the top right corner of the open screen).  If you have already selected �Print� or �View Story� and minimized the page (by selecting the   icon on the top right rather than closing the screen using the  on the top right) the print or view story may be open in this window.  To prevent this problem always close the window when you print or view a story (select  in the top right corner), then the next time you select �Print� or �View this story� the new page will open.  For proper functionality you should only have one story open at a time. 
  2. The system may not have finished creating the book.  Sometimes it takes a minute for all of the pictures in the story to be generated and ready for printing.  If you select the printer icon, wait a few seconds before selecting the �Print Story� option.  You will know the story is complete when you are able to scroll down and see all the pictures in the book after you have selected line or color as your printing options.
  3. You may have a pop-up blocker that is preventing the window from opening.  Most blockers can be stopped by holding the CTL button and then selecting the printer icon.
  4. Mac users - to print the story please hold the "apple" key and the "P" key at the same time.  The apple key is located at the bottom left of your keyboard.  This will open your printer and allow you to print the story.

6.  Why are only a few pages of my story printing?

You may need to wait a few seconds before you print a story after you select your print option.  The story is being created and this takes a few seconds.  You will know the story is complete when you are able to scroll down and see all the pictures in the book after you have selected line or color as your printing options.


7.  What if a choice of printing options does not appear when I click on the printer icon?

There are two possible reasons for this:

  1. You may have a pop-up blocker.  Hold down the control (CTL) button as you select the print option and this will prevent the screen from being blocked.
  2. You may have other windows open.  Check to see if you have other site windows open.  Do this by looking at the bottom of your screen.  If there are tabs at the bottom indicating other web pages are also open, check these to see if the printing choice is in one of the other open web pages.  You also can close all of the open windows and then re-select the printing icon.

8.  Why am I not able to register?

First, make sure you are going to the green log in box on the home page.  Click on �New to Sandbox Register Here� to be taken to the registration screen.  If you are still not able to register, you may have an email account that screens automatically generated emails or emails from an unknown sender.  If this is the case, you can email us directly at: .  We will set up your account and email you with your password. Since this is not automatically generated you will not immediately receive a password but we will create the account as soon as possible.


9.  What if my credit card will not go through?

If your credit card is not going through, wait ten minutes, check and see if your purchase was processed and the materials are in your account.  If the materials are not in your account, please go back and try to repurchase.  There is a ten minute lock out period on a credit card after it has been used for a purchase to prevent duplicate purchases.


10.  What if I purchased, but my materials are not in my account?

If you purchased, but the materials are not in your account please call 1-800-704-7815 ext. 4 or email us at  Our staff will make sure the materials you ordered are placed in your account.


11.  Can I purchase the materials if I live outside of the United States?

Yes.  The currency will be changed based on the exchange rate for the day.  The process is through the credit card companies and is handled as if you were buying in your own country.


12.  Do I have to re-enter all new information in each profile when I purchase another story?

No.  The Sandbox Learning Company has made it very easy for you to use the same profiles for all of your stories.  Simply select the profile you want from the drop down menu.  If additional information is necessary for the story, you will be prompted to add new information.


13.  How do I know if the stories are at an appropriate level for my child or students?

Because children often progress at different levels in various skill areas, sample pages are available for each story.   Simply go to the Shop Sandbox then Our Products tabs.  Each story has a brief description and a link to sample pages.  These pages are directly from the stories and give a good feel for the reading level.


14.  Are the monitoring materials able to be altered to specifically address my child/students� needs?

Yes.  The materials are in Excel format specifically for that reason.  You can add additional skills that are unique to the needs of each child and then print the forms to document progress.


15.  How can I remove the extra text that says �Story Viewer� and information about my local printer?

            If you have Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Go to File

3. Select Page Setup

4. Delete what is in the Header and Footer Space.  However, you may want to copy and save what is under Header and Footer in case you want to change it back.

5.  Hit OK


16.  How do I change my password?

            It is quick and easy to change your password.  Just follow the steps below:

            1.  Log into your account.

            2.  Select "Click here to manage your account information."

            3.  Enter the new password in the "password" and "confirm password" box.  

                 These boxes are at the bottom of the page and the password appears as a series of dots.

            4.  Select "Submit".


17.  Do you accept suggestions for other story ideas or materials?

Yes!  We love to get feedback from people and are always looking for new ideas.  Please email any suggestions to:


18.  Does The Sandbox Learning Company accept purchase orders?

            Yes.  An easy to complete form is available online. This form can be mailed or faxed with a purchase order (Word PDF).  Please remember to include your email address and contact information so we can add the materials to your account as soon as we receive the purchase order.


19.  Is there a group purchasing discount?

            Yes. There is a reduced rate for groups of 5 or more people. Please see Group Purchasing for more information. 


20.  Is there a discount for purchasing many or all of the stories?

            We currently do not offer a reduced rate for purchasing all or many of the stories.


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