I stumbled upon Sandbox Learning as I was on the Internet. I went to their website and thought, 'Aha! Just what I need for at some of my elementary students' I also thought, 'Darn it! I just spent a small fortune buying other books and here it was all done for me.' This is a valuable website for those professionals who need/use social skills stories in counseling. There are a variety of topics, and more topics are being added all the time. The stories can be personalized to your particular child. The prices are reasonable. The site is easy to navigate. I would recommend it strongly as one of the better professional psychology/counseling websites out there.

Maureen F. Shea
Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor
Senior Diplomate, American Board of Disability Analysts
Diplomate, American Board of School Neuropsychology
New London, CT

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the Success Stories. The latest one on waiting really helped the little guy I work with. The children I work with are low to high functioning ASD and all love it when they see their name along with other familiar names to personalize the stories. When we have a problem behavior or an issue that is troublesome we just take out the story and read it. I shared Being Scared with the Speech Path and she went to the site to check out the other materials. The organization I work with has a GET SET group that pairs typically developing children with children on the spectrum. These stories are great for sharing. The older children read to each other. Thanks for the stories you have written on a couple of our problem areas. This is a great tool not only for children with ASD but for children in general. Thanks again. I have College Professors, Speech Pathologists, Teachers, Inclusion Assistants, Aides, and Pre- School Directors looking at this site. They all think it's great.

Linda Conrad
Inclusion Assistant for SLATE (Successful Living With Autism Through Training and Education)
Shasta Lake City, CA

I stumbled onto your web-site by mistake, and I am so happy I did! My sons and I read your book Waiting last night. They loved it, especially my eldest Elijah, he was excited to see himself in the story. He also incorporated his younger brother and his cousin into the story as his classmates. I downloaded a copy and made another copy for his teacher, and speech pathologist to utilize in the classroom.

I have called his school P.S. 176 @ 178 (NYC) and notified the Unit Coordinator of the web-site. Please add more books!! We will be ordering a new book
Strangers next week.

Thank you for caring.

Irene Ervin Bullock, LMSW
Program Director
Amber Hall, HDFC
1385 Fulton Avenue
Bronx, NY 10456

I purchased Meeting People and My Day at School and also received the free Waiting story.

My child loves them, his speech therapist loves them and so does his teacher. His speech therapists commented that he was able to fill in words, gave the other children names in the story (put names with the other characters that best match the other children in his class) and was able to answer a multitude of questions about the story.

Wonderful product and I will definitely be buying more within the next months.

Thanks for your hard work.

Leanne Pitts
Mother of a 5 Yr. Old
Greenville, NC

Having the Sandbox Learning Company’s customized stories adds a ton because the kids can really make a connection. It makes them feel special and helps them get the materials better. They loved it! They thought it was the neatest thing ever!

Kimberly Powers
Special Education Teacher
Gwinnett County, GA

I have used several of the success stories with many different students. The results have been overwhelmingly successful. The students love the personalization and graphics; I love that it makes a typically time consuming task fast and easy. I think it's also a terrific concept to "lease" these stories for a year. I can add or change profiles and make numerous copies for students, teachers, and parents. Also, the staff at Sandbox has been particularly helpful and very open to suggestions. I highly recommend their products.

Moira Hetlage
Speech Language Pathologist M. S.
Bellevue School District
Bellvue, WA


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